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A necklace I bought for myself together with the bracelet for my mom. I realized I never had one for myself aside from my vintage key necklace so I grabbed one. Hoho! Now, back to my main story ---

Mom Loves Pearl

I wasn’t home the entire day during Mother’s Day so I made sure I have something for her when I come back home. And tadaa, here’s what I prepared for her — a bracelet. I hid it inside her dresser but it took so long for her to realize that I placed something in there so I cracked a question asking her, “Ma, have you seen my gift?” She felt surprised answering me, “Where? *struggles to look in the living room*” Well, my surprise didn’t work so I didn’t make her haunt for it any longer. I just told her where I placed it and from there, she unboxed it with a smile on her face uttering that its style is for teenie boppers — she’d prefer gold over silver! I keep convincing her that goldies are for oldies and that she’ll look younger with that style just so she can FULLY like my gift to her. Haha! And after tons of failed attempts in convincing her to wear the bracelet for picture’s sake, my charms are too good that she finally agreed to have a shot of it. That is ofcourse under the condition that I have to photoshop her stressed and wrinkled face. But I didn’t so I crop it off. Besides, I have the original ones kept. Belated happy mothers day to all the moms in the world! They are not perfect, but they are God’s extension of showing us what unconditional love is.

  1. lesshatemoreluv said: What a sweet daughter you are, Anne? It ain’t goldie but it came from you so she’ll fully like it! Nice necklace for myself. Wished you wore that on your neck too!
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