Sunday, 20 April 2014, 4 days ago

Jap Style

I may be currently residing somewhere in the Middle East but hey, look how japanese-looking my turf is at the moment! The housing is as expensive as Singapore so I honestly couldn’t afford a furnished solo room for myself yet, thus, the partitioned room. Yep! Cabinet is the fine division from the other room — no solid walls. Been working on prettifying this humble space of mine and ended up buying a lot of furnitures including my own bedding (cons of not having a furnished room) and it still doesn’t feel complete. I’m trying my best to achieve what my room looks like in PH but I doubt that it will turn out that way. And just like what everyone else is saying, I scored a pretty nice partition room compared to other flat sharing offers out there. Well, I’m not really a fan of bed space because of a bad experience before, so I tried to at least have this kind of room if not solo. Not bad for a start, isn’t? I had a hard time capturing a nice angle because of the reasonable tad space given to me, but the photos look far decent than what it originally looks like.. or maybe, my room is just messy right this very moment and this one is neat *roll eyes*

You guys have a great Easter Sunday while me on the other hand, will wake up early for my first day of job. This is for you mom & dad. Cheerio!


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